Coterie (May Day, 1919 - Winter, 1920-1921)
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Title: Coterie
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: The Bomb Shop, Hendersons, 66 Charing Cross Road
Date: May Day, 1919 - Winter, 1920-1921
Volume and issue data: No.1 May-Day 1919; no.2 September 1919; no. 3 December 1919; no.4 Easter, 1920; no.5 Autumn, 1920; nos.6 & 7 Winter, 1920-1. New Coterie: 1-6, November 1925-Summer/Autumn 1927
Frequency of publication: quaterly
Editorial Information: Chaman Lall, 1919-21; Russell Green, no.6/7, Winter 1920-21; Russell Green, New Coterie, 1925-7. Editorial Committee included T.S.Eliot, T.W.Earp, Richard Aldington, Aldous Huxley, Nina Hamnett, Conrad Aiken, Stanley Rypins
Price: Half-a-crown per issue (but also advertised as 2s. 8d); 10s. 8d. per quarter
Size: 10”x7”
Illustrations: Including covers; mainly b/w but some colour covers
Distribution: Overseas copies from Brentano’s, New York, price 75c each, $3 p.a.
Advertisment: Few, mainly for publishers
Abstract: Coterie Magazine
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Magazine issues: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3.