The Yellow Book (April 1894 - April 1897)
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Title: The Yellow Book
Editor: Henry Harland.
Place of publication: London, Boston.
Publisher: Elkin Matthews and John Lane, Vigo Street, London (April, 1894-October, 1896); John Lane, Vigo Street, London (October, 1896- April, 1897); Copeland and Day, Boston, U. S. A. (1894-1897)
Date: April 1894 - April 1897
Volume and issue data: Volume I - XIII, April 1894-April 1897
Frequency of publication: quarterly
Price: 5/-
Size: 21 cm
Location: U.K.: British Library, Cambridge University Library, University College London (Special Collection); U. S. A.: Harvard University Library, New York Public Library, Princeton University Library, University of Texas Library, Yale University Library .
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