The Calendar of Modern Letters (March 1925 - July 1927)
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Title: The Calendar of Modern Letters
Editor: Edgell Rickword, Douglas Garman, Bertram Higgins.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: Wishart, London
Date: March 1925 - July 1927
Volume and issue data: Vol. 1, no. 1 (March, 1925) - Vol. 4, no. 2 (July, 1927)
Frequency of publication: Monthly (March, 1925 - March, 1926); Quarterly, as 'The Calendar' (April, 1926 - July, 1927)
Price: 1s./6d. (Monthly); 2s./6d. (Quarterly)
Size: 9 1/4ins (23.5cm) x 6ins (15.2cm)
Location: UK: Bodleian Library, British Library, Cambridge University Library; USA: Harvard University Library, New York Public Library, Princeton University Library, Yale University Library.
Note: "The Calendar of Modern Letters" became "The Calendar" in April 1926, changing format and becoming a quarterly.
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