Wales No. 11 (Winter, 1939-40)
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Title: Wales
Issue: No. 11
Editor: Nigel Heseltine.
Place of publication: Llangadog, Carmarthenshire [Dyfed].
Publisher: Montgomeryshire Printing Co. Ltd., Newtown, Montgomeryshire
Date: Winter, 1939-40
Price: Six pence
Size: 23 cm

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Previous issue: No. 10

Keidrych Rhys, 'The Van Pool: Tichrig', pp. 292 - 293
James Findlay Hendry, 'From A Life of General Chunkledom', pp. 294 - 295
Hugh MacDiarmid, 'Poetry Like the Hawthorn', pp. 296 - 297
Celia Buckmaster, 'Voyage Without End', pp. 298 - 299
Philip O'Connor, 'Poem', p. 300
Davies Aberpennar, 'Nawn', p. 301
James Findlay Hendry, 'Clann Fhionnlaidh', p. 301
Glyn Jones, 'The Slum-World', p. 302
Lynette Roberts, 'Poem', p. 302
Davies Aberpennar, 'Trioled', p. 303
Nigel Heseltine, 'To a Girl Marrying a Man with a Wooden Leg', p. 303
Oswell Blakeston, 'Economics for Social Workers, Architects, Doctors …', p. 304
'Chorus', p. 305 [Various authors, extracts from the press]
Davies Aberpennar, 'Review of The Map of Love, by Dylan Thomas', pp. 306 - 308
Julian Symons, 'Review of New Verse: An Anthology, Compiled by Geoffrey Grigson', p. 308
Nigel Heseltine, 'Review of At Swim-Two-Birds, by Flann O'Brien', pp. 308 - 309
Davies Aberpennar, 'Review of Taliessin Through Logres, by Charles Williams', p. 310
'Books Received', p. 310