The Green Sheaf No. 1 (May 1903)
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Title: The Green Sheaf
Issue: No. 1
Editor: Pamela Colman Smith.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: 14 Milborne Grove, The Boltons, London, S. W.
Date: May 1903
Price: Thirteen pence
Size: Approx: 11ins (28.2cm) x 9ins (22.8cm)
Note: No page numbers in this issue.

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Next issue: No. 2

E. M., 'The Book-worm', illustration [inside cover]
Raferty, Lady Gregory (translator), 'The Hill of Heart's Desire' [translated by Lady Gregory from the Irish of Raferty, a Peasant Poet of seventy years ago.]
Alix Egerton, 'A Song of the Pyrenees', poem
Cecil French, 'The Parting of the Ways', poem
Christopher St. John, 'How Master Constans Went to the North'