Twentieth Century Verse No. 11 (July 1938)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Issue: No. 11
Editor: Julian Symons.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: Julian Symons, 17 The Waldrons, Croydon
Date: July 1938

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George Barker, 'Poem on Geography', pp. 57 - 60
Kenneth Allott, 'Men Walk Upright', pp. 60 - 63
Geoffrey Parsons, 'The Inheritor', p. 64
Gavin Ewart, 'Cage Me a Harrisson', pp. 65 - 66
Geoffrey Taylor, 'Conceit', p. 66
        "         , 'Black Beauty', p. 66
Philip O'Connor, 'Useful Letter', pp. 67 - 68
Francis Scarfe, 'Palms', p. 68
Julian Symons, 'Everyman's Poems', review, pp. 69 - 71 [Review of I Crossed the Minch, by Louis MacNeice and The Earth Compels, by Louis MacNeice]
Kenneth Allott, 'Two Americans', review, pp. 72 - 74 [Review of The Carnival, by Frederic Prokosch and The World's Body, by John Crowe Ransom]
R. B. Fuller, 'Review of New Writing No. 5, edited by John Lehmann', p. 74
        "         , 'Review of Post-Victorian Poetry, by Herbert Palmer', p. 75
Francis Scarfe, 'Review of Holderlin's Madness, by David Gascoyne', pp. 75 - 76
H. B. Mallalieu, 'Review of Poetry and Anarchism, by Herbert Read', pp. 76 - 78
J. S., 'X, Y and Z', review, p. 78 [Review of Poems, by C. H. Peacock, News Reel, by Margaret Stanley-Wrench, and The Garden of Disorder, by Charles Henri Ford]