Twentieth Century Verse No. 2 (March 1937)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Issue: No. 2
Editor: Julian Symons.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: The Noble Fortune Press, 1191 Finchley Road, London
Date: March 1937

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[Julian Symons], 'Exclusiveness, Politics, Etc.'
B. H. Gutteridge, 'Funereal'
        "         , 'Creed'
        "         , 'Song'
John Pudney, 'To Lick Our Small Fire'
        "         , 'Song'
D. S. Savage, 'Solstice'
John Beevers, 'Atameros'
Gavin Ewart, 'A Young Man's Lament'
        "         , 'Song'
R. B. Fuller, 'Poem'
        "         , 'Poem'
Geoffrey Taylor, 'Two Epitaphs'
        "         , 'Abdication', review
Ruthven Todd, 'Unleavened Bread', review [Review of Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry, by F. R. Leavis]
Julian Symons, 'Aiken, Pitter' [Review of Time in the Rock, by Conrad Aiken, and A Trophy of Arms, by Ruth Pitter]
John Beevers, 'Ezra as Usual' [Review of Polite Essays, by Ezra Pound]
H. B. Mallalieu, 'Review of Devil's Dyke, by Christopher Hassall'
        "         , 'Review of The Emperor's Heart, by Laurence Whistler'