Twentieth Century Verse No. 4 (June-July 1937)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Subtitle: Ballad Number
Issue: No. 4
Editor: Julian Symons, John Garret, F. S. Beecroft.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: The Noble Fortune Press, 1191 Finchley Road, London
Date: June-July 1937
Note: Ballad Number, Edited by John Garrett and F. S. Beecroft.

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'The Great Silkie of Sale Sherry'
'The Knave'
'Adonis' Garden'
'The Maiden's Dream'
'Lassie and Laddie'
'Flodden Field'
'John Dory'
'Sir Hugh Le Blond'
A. Desmond Hawkins, 'Review of Calamiterror, by George Barker'
        "         , 'Review of Sebastian, by Rayner Heppenstall'
R. B. Fuller, 'Review of Poems by Rex Warner'
Philip O'Connor, 'Review of Disappearing Castle, by Charles Madge'