Twentieth Century Verse No. 8 (January-February 1938)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Issue: No. 8
Editor: Julian Symons.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: Julian Symons, 17 The Waldrons, Croydon
Date: January-February 1938

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[Julian Symons], 'Programme 1938'
Dylan Thomas, 'Poem (For Caitlin)'
R. B. Fuller, 'Poem'
        "         , 'Poem'
Gavin Ewart, 'Poem'
Geoffrey Taylor, 'At the Play'
        "         , 'Desiccated Poem'
        "         , 'Mistakes Cannot Be Rectified'
J. L. Sweeney, 'Poem'
Keidrych Rhys, 'Spin'
        "         , 'Landmark'
Andrew Murray, 'Poem'
Philip O'Connor, 'Fag-End'
Ruthven Todd, 'Northward the Islands'
A. Desmond Hawkins, 'Elegy for the Old'
Samuel French Morse, 'Man with Imagination', review [Review of The Man with the Blue Guitar, by Wallace Stevens]
Julian Symons, 'Hart Crane'
Geoffrey Parsons, 'Allen Tate', review [Review of Selected Poems, by Allen Tate]