Twentieth Century Verse No. 14 (December 1938)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Issue: No. 14
Editor: Julian Symons.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: Julian Symons, 9 Cedars Road, London
Date: December 1938

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Frederic Prokosch, 'Ballad', pp. 120 - 121
H. B. Mallalieu, 'Poem in Autumn', p. 121
Michael Roberts, 'Temperance Festival: Town Moor, Newcastle', pp. 122 - 123
Philip O'Connor, 'Poem', p. 123
George Woodcock, 'The Island', p. 124
Roy Fuller, 'Poem', p. 125
Robert Conquest, 'The Agents', p. 125
Keidrych Rhys, 'Barddoniaeth', p. 126
        "         , 'Interlude', pp. 126 - 127
J. B. Allwood, 'Poem', p. 127
Julian Symons, 'Poem (for W.E.L.)', p. 128
Ruthven Todd, 'Various Places', p. 129
D. S. Savage, 'October', p. 129
Hugh Gordon Porteus, 'Reading and Riding', review, pp. 130 - 133 [Review of Collected Poems, by Laura Riding]
Geoffrey Taylor, 'Three Anthologies', review, pp. 133 - 136 [Review of The Modern Poet, edited by Gwendolen Murphy, Cassell's Anthology of English Poetry, edited by Margaret and Desmond Flower, A Treasury of Unfamiliar Lyrics, edited by Norman Ault]
Julian Symons, 'Review of Poems, by Kenneth Allott', pp. 136 - 138
A. J. A. Symons, 'Review of English Poetical Autographs, edited by Desmond Flower and A. N. L. Munby', pp. 139 - 140
Roy Fuller, 'Review of Overtures to Death and Other Poems, by C. Day Lewis', p. 140
[Julian Symons], 'Briefly: Magazines, etc.', pp. 141 - 142