Twentieth Century Verse No. 6/7 (November-December 1937)
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Title: Twentieth Century Verse
Subtitle: Wyndham Lewis Double Number
Issue: No. 6/7
Editor: Julian Symons.
Place of publication: London.
Publisher: Julian Symons, 17 The Waldrons, Croydon
Date: November-December 1937
Note: double issue.

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[Julian Symons], 'Mr Wyndham Lewis'
Wyndham Lewis, 'A Letter to the Editor'
T. S. Eliot, 'The Lion and the Fox'
Hugh Gordon Porteus, 'Eyes Front (Ideogram)'
T. W. Earp, 'The Leicester Galleries Exhibition'
A. J. A. Symons, 'The Novelist'
G. W. Stonier, 'That Taxi-Driver'
Gilbert Armitage, 'A Note on "The Wild Body"'
Julian Symons, 'Notes on One-Way Song'
Constant Lambert, 'An Objective Self Portrait'
E. W. F. Tomlin, 'The Philosopher-Politician'
Ruthven Todd, 'Comments on a Critic'
D. S. Savage, 'Lewis and Lawrence'
Keidrych Rhys, 'Celtic View'
Glyn Jones, 'Satiric Eye'
Rex Warner, 'Extract from a Letter'
Gavin Ewart, 'Note'
John Beevers, 'I Read Lewis'
H. B. Mallalieu, 'Social Force'