Events Calendar

A range of seminars and workshops with leading experts in modernism are planned, including an international conference held at De Montfort University in Summer 2007.

Events in Year 1 (March 06-Feb 07)

Month Event
June 3rd June, Northern Modernism Seminar, DMU, Leicester
August 29th - 2nd September, ESSE Conference, London - Project Presentation
September ESSE [see above]
October 19th - 22nd October, MSA Conference, Tulsa - Round Table
November 23rd - 25th November, Colloque on Illustrated Magazines 1880-1920, Paris

Events in Year 2 (March 07-Feb 08)

Month Event
June 11th June, De Montfort University. postgraduate study workshop on modernism and magazines, including presentations from the Stephen Rogers and Project PhD student, Victoria Kingham.
July 12 - 14th July, Modernist Magazines Conference, 'The Modernist Atlantic'
October 6th October, London Modernism, Senate House, University of London. Seminar presentation on the Project and Work in Progress by Peter Brooker and Andrew Thacker.
November 14th November, Oxford Brookes University. Seminar paper by Peter Brooker to the Cultures of Modernism Group.
1st - 4th November, Modernist Studies Association 9th Annual Conference, Long Beach California. Attended by Andrew Thacker (seminar paper), the RA (seminar chair) and MMP PhD student.

Events in Year 3 (March 08-Feb 09)

Month Event
May 29th - 31st May, The 'EUROPA ! EUROPA ?' European Conference for Avant-Garde and Modernist Studies Conference, University of Ghent. Papers presented by Peter Brooker and Andrew Thacker
June 6 - 8th June, The 'Modernist Magazines and Politics' Conference, Le Mans, France. Papers to be presented by Peter Brooker and Stephen Rogers
September 12 - 13th September, Ford Madox Ford and Editing, St John's College, University of Durham

Events in Year 4 (March 09- March 10)

Month Event
July 13 - 15th July Modernism, Cultural Exchange and Transnationality, The Second Conference of the Modernist Magazines Project, University of Sussex